June 1st, 2004


The best part...

...about inviting friends over isn't really having a clean house, but it's a really nice side effect. And slowly but surely, we're getting better at keeping it picked up to an acceptable level...it didn't take major cleaning or any drama to get the house ready for folks this weekend! And not much stashing of stuff either--just a tiny bit!

The backyard? That took some work--Saturday morning, it was still a major work in progress, but it cleaned up nicely.

Fun, busy weekend in our world. Saturday, a nice homey breakfast out in Ballard after a good workout, followed by The Day After Tomorrow, and some domesticity.

Sunday, the Secret Festival (good film, albeit creepy!), followed by an oil change, grocery shopping, and more domesticity.

Monday, domesticity, followed by friends and family for the first small BBQ of the year. The weather barely cooperated--we made a move to go inside once, but then the rain stopped.
gymgeek was Grillmeister Deluxe, and I officially love the chicken garlic sausages from A&J Meats--they're so good grilled!

Tonight, it's a baseball game...once I manage to get through the working day (which I'm trying to pretend doesn't exist right now!)

66 days until Vegas!
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