May 29th, 2004



Friday Evening Plan:

Sushi Dinner at chinoise with gymgeek
Dave Atell, Lewis Black and Mitch Hedburg, 10:30 show at the Urban Comedy Cafe.

Friday Evening Reality:

Dinner at Chinoise with gymgeek, but not a sushi fest, because their sushi combo was mucho expensive. (still yummy, though)

Stood in line outside the Urban Comedy Cafe for 2 hours--from 9:30 to 11:30. The crowd from the 8:30 show starts coming about about 10:30, with really mixed reviews--from "I loved it" to "What a waste". Word on the street was that Mitch Hedberg (the headliner) was very drunk and had walked off the stage.
At 11:30, they told us the 10:30 show, and both of tomorrow's shows were cancelled, and we could get a refund through ticketweb. Ticketwebs FAQ doesn't seem to be responding for me--it might be a Safari compatibility thing...I'll try it with IE when John's not using his windows machine. We were really there for Dave Atell and Lewis Black, but my budget will appreciate the refund on the tickets. :)

Disaster Flicks Rule!

The Day After Tomorrow! (no spoilers):

Dennis Quaid is so not getting invited the the White House any time soon.

I love natural disaster flicks. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. I should have a natural disaster movie marathon--it'd be great!