May 27th, 2004


Everybody's waiting for the weekend....

...and I'm really glad it's a long one.

I wish the weather was supposed to be a little nicer, but maybe I'll actually get some housework done. I've been kinda housework-avoidant the last few days.

A few projects to get done tomorrow---but it shouldn't be a bad day. A kinda-date night with my sweetie, after I pry him away from City of Heros (lorijo, axl, he has plans...don't keep him all night!) and then it's a gloriously long three days away from the office.

Found a new job to apply for at UW this afternoon, and came to the realization that I'm now in two federally-protected classes--being female and over 40. Whoo! I'm a good hire statistic! Hire me!

Now, it's time to go curl up with a book and a cat (notice the housework-avoidance?) and listen to the rain.