May 21st, 2004


Don't know about you....

....but I'm really really glad that it's Friday.

It's just been one of those crazy, busy weeks. Productive, yes, but lots of being reactive, rather than proactive, and moving from fire to fire at work---and just not having enough time at home.

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Book club on Wednesday was about poetry. Everyone was supposed to bring poems, and we read and discussed them. I went in with the thought "I really don't do poetry", but it became clear, over the evening, how insidious poetry is in our lives--from the phrases we remember to remembering high school poetry recitations. I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it, but it was lots of fun.

Last night, we watched the last episode of Angel. I liked it.
I'm going to miss that show.

Busy weekend. Tomorrow, I'm spending the day over on Bainbridge Island, going to Heronswood Nursery. It's a Master Gardener Continuing Education thing, don'tcha know? It should be fun. I've wanted to go visit over there for several years, but they're not open to the public very often. And as long as we're over there, we're going to hit a couple other nurseries. Of course, I'm broke, so it's mostly a wish-list kind of trip, but it'll be fun.

Sunday, it's work in the yard, go swimming, then go work at Bradner Gardens. It's the community garden I decided to do most of my volunteer work in. It's a gorgeous place. Bradner is having their annual tomato, basil and perennial sale on Saturday, too. So go over, get great plants and support wonderful organizations!

I'm glad next weekend is a long one! :)
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