May 9th, 2004


Happy Mother's Day!

I miss my Mom.

She could make me absolutely insane, but I loved her.

I miss talking to her--just about the everyday stuff. The other evening, I was out in the yard, planting things and thought "I haven't talked to Mom in a while", like I'd just forgotten to call her, and all I needed to do was get up, dust off and go pick up the phone. It's a weird feeling.

Today would have been her 86th birthday. The hoya (which is at least 55-60 years old) must know it--it's in full bloom, which would have delighted her. When she gave me the hoya (which her mother gave to her after she and Dad got married), I was terrified. This was a huge responsibility. What if I killed it? What if it never bloomed again? But I haven't killed it, and it's grown even more, and blooms prolifically. And it gives me a living connection to my Mom.

Being my Mother's daughter, I'm not going to get morose, on this day when I'm really missing her. I'm going to go out and work in the yard and get my hands dirty and do things that she would have enjoyed doing, too.
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