May 7th, 2004


Hoppy Friday!

It's raining! Hooray! My garden is sighing with relief.
I was going to get up and water this morning. It was nice hear "52 and raining" on the radio, and see wet outside.

Of course, we're going to a ballgame tonight. Thank goodness for rolling, closing roofs. gymgeek's folks will be there, too (although not sitting with us). Mariners vs Yankees. Go Mariners! (sorry, kasha).

Speaking of going, gymgeek got our reservations for the Luxor today. This trip is going to be a lot of fun! This time, in 3 months, we'll be in Vegas!

cheesepuppet's Friday Four

1. Your four favorite flavors of ice cream.
    Mint chocolate chip
    Homemade strawberry (with fresh strawberries)
    Butter Pecan
    Lemon Sorbet (okay, technically not ice cream, but)

2. Four (different) things (fingers don't count) you think you could stuff up your nose if you had to stuff something up there. You know, like at gunpoint or something. It could happen.

    A tic-tac.
    A motrin.
    A dagger from my new playmobile Pirate Queen.
    Some tissue.

3. The four best things about your day.

    Waking up snuggled up with John and two warm purring cats
    It's raining (which makes my garden happy).
    Baseball tonight.

4. Four careers you wanted when you were a very small child.

    Organist at Wrigley Field
    Radio City Hall Rockette (until I realized I'd never be tall enough)