May 6th, 2004


Garden notes and such.

Noticed last night that something had hightailed it through one of my back yard beds and one of my pink perfection lilies had been snapped off at the ground level. *sniff*

I'm sure it was an animal, and an accident, but still. I need to stake the lilies anyway, so I guess I'll get out there and do it this evening.

The lilies on the front hill are going gangbusters. I swear, every little bulblet that I put in there is putting out a healthy stem. It's going to be glorious! The anemones are starting to leaf out, and there's quite a few of the purple poppies coming up. They're mostly congregated on the top of the hill, I think during "hill cleanup" this weekend, I'll move a few of them around, and scatter them around the whole hill.

I think I'm going to need to add tulips to the front hill this year---some of them came back very well, others not so well. Oh well, they're inexpensive (relatively) and easy. I think Colorblends will get some of my money later in the fall.

The eggplant are just about in bloom. I need to be careful about watching the weather, and be sure to protect them if it gets cold. I probably should install the tomato supports now, too, rather than waiting until they grow and trying to fit around them.

It's almost 60, and I'd really rather be home. I have things to do! But since I didn't win the lottery last night, I'm at the office. :)