May 3rd, 2004


I'd rather be gardening...

what a glorious weekend.

I got to leave the office early on Friday, and puttered in the house and yard, made dinner (including blackberry cobbler) and got the dining room clean enough for everyone to sit down and eat dinner. Gordon and Tessa came over, we ate and the played games. It was fun.

Saturday, got up bright and early to go to the Seattle Tilth Edible plant sale. Many plants were acquired...although not as many as were on my list. Some of the prices seemed a tad high to me, but that's the way it goes, sometimes. tarsyddad was smart and brought Maddie's little red wagon, which was full to the brim! Met up with lirrin and her honey and made our plans to go to Flower World!

Flower World, as usual, was glorious. I could wander there for days and never get bored. I overspent my budget, but that's just the way it goes, sometimes. :) Met up with Lisa and Todd, so Bobbi didn't have to drive back into Seattle, and ran into several people that I know (and hadn't seen for a while!).

Got home, out for pub food with Lisa and Todd, and then off to the beach for a bonfire! I love fire. rubricity was our point-girl, and staked out a primo fire pit. gymgeek was firestarter deluxe, and we had enough wood to burn from before dark until it was almost time for the park to close (right after the firetrucks came, probably because of the folks down the beach who were tossing magnesium into their fire. Oooh. Bright, bright fire!).

The beach, sadly enough, is filthy with soot, which is a shame. I guess the water doesn't come in far enough to wash it all out. My birks are filthy. I still haven't decided whether to try buffing them out, or just washing them.

Sunday, I spent all day digging in the dirt. Worked on the veggies beds, putting in tomatoes, lettuce, eggplants, making the trellis for the peas, planting chard, cucumbers and squash.
Added a lot of things to the flower beds, too. Sedum (autumn joy) and perennial forget-me-nots to the front hill, and all kinds of good things to the back beds. (I'll put together a list later).

I did come in for a trip to home depot (for potting soil and irrigation stuff), and to fix (and then eat) dinner, but I literally gardened until it was too dark to be out there.
I got most of the stuff planted. There's a few to work on this week, after work, even though it's a planned to the hilt, busy week.

Gotta remember to buy a lottery ticket, on a regular basis, so I could just stay home. :)