April 15th, 2004


Good things (tm)

The Film Festival is coming! I just got my first notice of when the box office opens (May 6-8 for CinemaSeattle members, May 9 for general public). I love the film festival. 5:30 movies are going to be hard this year, with the 8:30 - 5:30 work hours, but I'll survive.

I totally recommend the Secret Festival. Buy a pass for 4 unknown movies, sign an oath not to discuss what you've seen with anyone who wasn't there. Sometimes they're amazing movies. Sometimes they're amazingly bad movies. But always fun.

The Master Gardener Plant Sale is this weekend. I'll be out of town, but if you're here (Seattle) and like plants, you should go. It's at the Center for Urban Horticulture at UW, Saturday and Sunday.

If you miss this sale, the Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale is May 1 and 2. I will be hitting this one, along with tarsyddad. And then we're going to Flower World. Plants, plants, and more plants. How can you go wrong?

Spaghetti sauce. gymgeek is taking my homemade sauce and making it even better tonight. Mmm. Homemade, jazzed up spaghetti saucy goodness.

Exercise is good.. Got up and went to the gym this morning (20 minutes on the lifecycle, upper body weights, ab work and stretching), and heading for the pool after work.

Friday is coming!. For an easy week, it sure seems long. I'm looking forward to the weekend. hiddeneye, we're going to be in your neighborhood, (well, kinda, but a lot closer than normal) but still not quite sure of what our schedule is going to be...maybe brunch/lunch on Sunday or coffee at Powell's (even though I want to come see your yard...)??? I'll try to get ahold of you tomorrow.

And best of all, the sun is out, and I have lilacs from my own yard on my desk. Life is good.
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