March 4th, 2004


We were bad.

The alarm went off at the right time, but we didn't get up. We reset it and snuggled back in for another hour of sleeping.

We'll work out tonight. :) I'm going swimming, John will have to do something else.

First day on my new schedule at work. Not sure that I like it. I like coming in and leaving early. Especially now that it is light when I get home. But for some known only to the person it matters to, it's been decreed that I should work later hours, so I'm on an 8:30 to 5:30 standard. Oh well, the light will catch up.

Stupid naggy sniffles aren't going away. The headache is probably work-stress induced. Thank goodness the weekend is almost here.

Pot sticker soup tonight. Mmmm. I love pot sticker soup.


I was totally whiney when Mark picked me up to go swimming.

I don't like my workplace. I was crampy. I felt fat (well, i am fat).

But I got in the pool and did my full 20 laps, lounged in the sauna and now I feel much better.

And potsticker soup is in process.