March 1st, 2004


3 Heavenly Days.

We had a long weekend, this past weekend. It was wonderful.

Friday morning, we slept in, did a lot of household chores, ran errands and headed out of town to the ocean.
Checked into our motel by the ocean, ran into Ocean Shores, to the Homeport for a yummy fish dinner, a couple drinks, and then back to sleep the sleep of the vacationer, with the roar of the ocean clearly audible from the bedroom. Heaven.

Saturday, slept in, admired the beach, headed for breakfast at the Quinault Casino, then John won money much faster than I lost it, and we (well, he) came out $160 ahead. Life is good. Back to walk on the beach, chase seagulls, watch guys parasail off the back of an SUV, sit in the rocking chairs on our porch over the ocean and do a whole lot of nothing. Back into Ocean Shores for another yummy fish dinner (grilled halibut this time), more wine and more relaxation.

Did I mention no telephone and no television?

Sunday, slept in, packed the car, walked on the beach, I found an unbroken sand dollar, and we took a gazillion photos, just playing on the beach. Headed home, and decided, on a whim to stop at John's folks. 6 hours, dinner and the Oscars later, we headed home.

It was a wonderful birthday weekend.