February 23rd, 2004



We went to the zoo yesterday!

It was a beautiful day, clear, sunny, highs in the upper 50s.

I'm not sure the zoo was ready for the early spring onslaught. The services were all pretty backed up and slow.

But the animals were great. We saw the new Jaguar exhibit (and the jaguar, sleeping behind a log), the lions, the tigers, the bears (oh my!), mountain goats, elephants, girraffs, zebras, gazelles, monkeys...and lots more. It was fun.

I could watch the river otters for hours. It'd be so great to be able to swim and play like that. Maybe not so great to be hunted for your pelt, but oh, the swimming and playing.

The wolves were nowhere to be seen. They may have been hiding with the penguins.

After the zoo, we went for a lovely lunch at Dad Watsons in Fremont, then home, with lots of time to work in the yard. John took a post-zoo nap, and I pruned the roses, and did general clean up in the front yard, and (finally) potted some primroses in the back yard. I'm loving that it's staying light for longer.

Today, it's back to grey and misty. I'm glad we took advantage of the beautiful day yesterday.