February 11th, 2004


Keeps me out of trouble...

...or so the saying goes.

It's been a busy week, here at ye olde salt mines. I'm helping coordinate a lot of interviews for a couple open positions, doing immigration stuff, trying to solve vacation screwups and generally keeping myself busy.

All the while, I'm keeping my fingers quietly crossed that I'm asked back for a second interview from the place I interviewed on Friday, and thinking about what all I'd need to do to leave here. And how hard it will be to leave here. Active Voice has been good to me. I've been here, officially 8 years, unofficially, nearly 9. But with the last acquisition, some of the tone of the place changed, and while I love my friends here, the tone bothers me.

Just back from Weight Watchers (I skipped last week to go to the Flower Show). Down another .4 of a pound. It's going really really slowly right now. It's a little frustrating, especially as hard as I'm exercising. But then I read that swimming might actually be helping slow my weight loss. Because, while I've been swimming a mile plus a week, I haven't been doing much running or anything else. I chatted with my group leader about it today, and he said "You're obviously losing inches, and look at those muscles! But since you're not doing a lot of weight bearing exercise, you're not losing fat as quickly as you might otherwise." Time to hit the treadmill again...or give in and start running at lunchtime (downtown? the mind boggles. I get awfully red-faced and warm when I run.) Oh well. I know that I'm much healthier, and 36 pounds lighter than I was at this point a year ago. Time to turn it back up a notch and start moving again.

Okay, back to the grind.

On a total good note: I did my full 21 lap workout in an hour--flat--last night. 6 weeks ago, it took about an hour and a quarter to do 11 laps. And all of those laps were full laps--no 25 yard lengths allowed.
Didn't do 100s last night because the lanes were really busy, and timing 50s was just easier.
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Okay, maybe not busy enough....

This made me grin:

THE COLORS OF LOVE — According to the California Cut Flower Commission, more than 120 million roses, most of them red, will be given for Valentine's Day this year. Red and pink typically express love and deep affection, with the red rose declaring more intensity. But if undying love seems too strong a message, try these options, found on the commission's Web site:

• Pink carnations: I'll never forget you.

• Gardenias: You're lovely.

• Orchids: You're beautiful.

• Red tulips: My perfect lover.

• Ivy: I'll never betray you.

And this, not found on the Web site but nonetheless a valid option:

• Silk flowers: Sorry about your allergies.