January 12th, 2004


Errands, errands, errands.

That's what the weekend was made of.

Got up Saturday morning to go swimming (14 laps! Hooray!) then out to breakfast to replace all those calories I'd expended. There's this place out on Elliott called the Shanty Cafe--which really looks like an old shanty.

What a great greasy spoon. The pictures on the wall show that it's been there since the 30's, originally a burger shack for dockworkers. I think I could happily become a regular there.

After breakfast, we headed for Puyallup, to visit John's folks (and pick up our Christmas present).

Home to hit the 12 hour produce sale at Larry's (which is trying hard to lose it's reputation as the hoity-toity high priced grocery store), and then over to help snorklet move a sofa and loveseat one block from the condo-that-almost-was to the apartment-that-is. It was hard work, and Gordon won the prize for finding the nail that would make his hand bleed.

But it's in, it fits and it's comfy. And then we had pizza and a John Cusack movie. Life is good.

Sunday, more errands. After deciding that the broken front door window was more of a home repair than gymgeek wanted to take on, we ran errands, watched Penn and Teller's Bullshit with Gordon and Tessa, took the end of the christmas stuff to storage, did grocery shopping, cleaned out the fridge, made dinner for Sunday night and Monday night (right now, there's crock-pot ginger chicken stew simmering away!), did laundry and listen to John play with the TiVo. From the sounds of it, it's about the coolest thing since sliced bread. :)

Today, I'm back at the office, trying to get a new, improved attitude about my job. We'll see how far that goes. :)

All in a nights work(out)

5 minutes on the elliptical thing from hell.
A lower body weight work out.
4.8 miles on the stationery bike, in the cardio phase.

All so I could have a mint Skinny Cow. Mmmmm..

But then, maybe I've found my new career.

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And now, it is time for bed.
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