January 8th, 2004


Uneventful commute...

It's remarkable how much things can change in a day or two.

Today, the roads are perfectly normal. A hunk of remaining slush here and there, but perfectly passable.
It's in the mid-40s and promises to rain most of the day.

Even last night, going home, the buses were carrying their chains, and not stopping on hills. Since I live at the top of the hill, that was fine with me.

Tuesday? Living on top of the hill left no options for public transportation, without walking off the hill. I always figure if the main access routes in and out of my neighborhood are closed, it's a good reason to stay home.

But my inner child, who grew up in the midwest, was very happy to watch the snow fall, and pile up, and make everything pretty for a day.

Now, of course, I want to go cross-country skiing. Anyone interested? It's been a couple years since I was out, so nice, easy trails are my preference...


I didn't make lots of New Year's Resolutions this year--I figured I had enough commitments going on that just keeping up with them was resolution enough.

Today was my first day back at Weight Watchers since before Christmas. Amazing what 2 1/2 weeks of unrestrained snacking can do. :)

But, I'm ahead of the Average American, who gains 10 pounds over the Thanksgiving-New Year's Season. I gained 3 pounds this week, making me .6 lighter than I was right before Thanksgiving. And I know how to fix it.

So, if you want to forage for left over christmas cookies at my house, tonight is the last night to do it! I'm cleaning it all out when I get home.

And then I'm going to the gym. I'm missing getting up and going jogging in the morning, odd as it seems. Time to hit the streets!

Spicy spicy!

Evidently, the hungarian paprika sold in bulk at Larry's is the HOT hungarian paprika, not sweet hungarian paprika.

Man alive, I have one spicy goulash in that crockpot. And it has been simmering in its own spicyness all day.

I think I need to run over to the store for some sour cream to help cut the heat.
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