December 18th, 2003


To Do.

Eeks. Must start making list.

    1. Make List
    2. Mail Christmas Cards
    2a. Finish letters
    2b. Buy stamps
    2c. Stuff, seal, stamp
    3. Pack and Mail Christmas Packages
    4. Laundry
    5. Already overflowing boxes to Goodwill
    6. Giving Tree Gift
    7. Think about office reorganization
    8. Work stuff (work? Who has time for work!?!)
    9. There must be lots more...

    10. Lunch with Mark
    11. Movie with John
    12. Christmas stuff from storage
    13. Purchase Christmas Tree
    14. Decorate Christmas Tree
    15. Saturday morning craft session with Cindy & Kelli
    16. Take Bobbi Jo the rest of her bounty
    17. Help snorklet with furniture assembly

To be continued......
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