December 12th, 2003


Good week....

It's been a busy week, with lots of work to do, resulting from last week's "slight re-organization".
I've actually felt like I'm doing real HR work this week, talking with people, working out the ramifications of who's doing what, and how it works and what it affects and such.....It's kind of nice (not that I want a re-org every week, heaven forbid!)

And it's been nice at home. Since I decided that this year just wasn't going to be an all-out decorating year, I'm much calmer.

You see, I love decorating for Christmas. I love putting out all my nativity sets (I collect them). I love making wreathes and hanging swags and all that stuff.

But somehow, this year, it just seems too much. I've been focusing on getting through the stuff from Mom and Dad, and trying to find homes for the stuff I don't need, just trying to instill a sense of order into my house.

Maybe it's externalizing the fact that amidst all the personal family-related chaos of the past year, these are things I can control. And not putting up an 8 foot tree this year does not spell an end to the world as we know it.

It doesn't mean I'm a bah-humbug scrooge, it just means that this year, I'm letting myself be okay with not doing it all. We'll get out a few favorite things, but that's all.

And that's okay.
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