December 3rd, 2003


Life getting back to normal....

Last night was just a normal night. It was great.

John hung out with his brother, doing geek things. I stayed home and puttered around the house.

It's strange not to be thinking about which set of parents we need to visit when during the holidays.

I finally got paperwhite bulbs last night, so I can get them happily growing in the living room. My amaryllis are producing wonderful green foliage, but I think they're not going to bloom this year. (they're holdovers from last year). Good thing I splurged and bought a couple new bulbs. I'm going to repot them tonight, and get them started.

Tonight, more cleaning, getting a cheap christmas tree for the office giving tree (and bringing it in and putting it up) and going to the gym. Another fairly normal night.

Life is good.