October 9th, 2003


Jeepers Creepers! I need your old Peepers!

Sight Night is a frightfully fun service project sponsored by LensCrafters and Lions Clubs International. The company I work for, Active Voice has been asked to participate and help make it a success. Now I'm asking you to help me!

The idea behind Sight Night is to go Trick or Treating for used glasses. You can download all kinds of great fliers, stickers, and door hangers from SightNight.org to pass out in your neighborhood (if you and/or your kids go door to door trick or treating) to let your neighbors know you'll be trick or treating for this spooktacular cause!

If you don't go trick or treating, take a look in your junk drawers to see if you have old glasses sitting around. Ask your friends and relatives if they have old glasses that "really need to go away". I know when we looked, we found 5 pairs of old glasses in our house. (and not all in the same place!)

The eyeglasses that are collected on Sight Night will be cleaned, repaired, classified by prescription and delivered to people in developing countries by LensCrafters and Lions Club volunteers.

If you'd like a certificate of recognition for your kids (or you!) for collecting glasses, let me know.

I'll be collecting old glasses until the first week in November. If you have some to send, let me know and I'll give you the address to send them!

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Losing my Daddy

I'm sad tonight.

I'm losing my Daddy, bit by bit.

He's 88 and I'm not ready for him to be gone yet.

When I think about it, I realize that I've been losing him, little by little for the past several years.
Losing Mother was hard, but it was so sudden that we just had to deal with it. This is so different.

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