September 16th, 2003


unexpected day off.

Woke up this morning to the sounds of an aching foot....or rather, a man with an aching foot.

Since the car is a stick shift, driving to the doctor, with a foot you can't put hardly any weight on is a problem, so I stayed home to drive.

No great insight from the doctor as to why the foot (John's foot, in case that isn't clear) is swollen and sore, but good drugs dispensed, xrays and blood taken, and hopefully a couple days of rest will put him right as rain.

By the time we got home and situated, it just wasn't even worth it to go into the office, so I finished the last of my salsa (I'd cut it all up last night, just needed to cook and can it), and then made cookies.

We're about to go vote (now that the drugs have kicked in) and then settle in for a lazy evening at home. Well, actually, I should process some nectarines, but then it'll be a lazy evening. I think they're just going in the freezer for right now. I'm about hot water bathed out for the moment!