September 3rd, 2003


Flexing my muscles....

And counting my points this week, made for forward progress! Woo hoo! I earned my 4th gold star, and have finally blasted past that 20 pound mark. On to the next!

Grand total: down 21.6 pounds. It's not fast, but it's coming off.

Between the thorns....

....lie the blackberries. Once again I braved the prickles and pokes for blackberries. On the advice of a fellow Master Gardener, we headed to the West Seattle Golf Course. There were lots and lots and lots of berries for the taking....We picked until it was almost dark...and our tummies were rumbling for food other than blackberries.

On the way to food, we stopped at a friend who'd offered me some plants (Plants!) that needed a good home. I thought I was getting a couple of loosestrife, but I ended up with loosestrife, geraniums (hardy and scented), toad lilies, a big mexican sage, a pot of something I don't know what it is in a pretty pot and an offer of a little portable greenhouse. Woo hoo!

So, with Mark's car full of plants, we headed for dinner at the Charleston Diner. Yummy, yummy pasta primavera (that probably took up the balance of my flex points for the week, but that's okay, since tomorrow starts a new week!) and great conversation.

I did resist the old fashioned ice cream and fresh blueberry milkshake though. Just a taste was heavenly.

And if I decide I need MORE blackberries, I know where to go!