August 27th, 2003


Up and At 'Em!

After a failed attempt on Monday, we managed to haul our rears out of the peaceful warm place that is our bed before dawn this morning, and be at the gym by about 5:35. The hardest part is rolling out of bed--once I'm moving, it's okay.

On week two (so time stretches a little on our not-yet-set-in-stone workout schedule) of the 13 week walk/run program, running for 1 minute stretches(and enjoying it!). Decided, though, that it's probably time to go invest in a pair of fitted-to-my-flat-foot shoes.
Thank goodness payday is coming!

This afternoon is Weight Watchers--roll out of the new Flex Points plan--a variation on the plan that I've been on. My co-worker who goes with me and I are looking at this as an opportunity to reset and recharge. We're both still losing weight, but really slowly....time to kick it up a notch.

Tonight, Book Club, where they may lynch me for my selection of Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer. At times, the language absolutely floors me, it's so gorgeous, or a train of thought will just entrance me.

"Side by side with the human race there runs another race of beings, the inhuman ones, the race of artists who, goaded by unknown impulses, take the lifeless mass of humanity and by the fever and ferment with which they imbue it turn this soggy dough into bread and the bread into wine and the wine into song"

Other times, it just kind of leaves me flat. I'm glad that I've read it. It makes me want to read Goethe and Whitman now. :) But I'm thinking Book Club might have been happier with Jane Eyre.

Some up, some down

Last week, I was irritated at myself for gaining .2 pounds.

And then I realized I was getting steamed about less than 4 ounces.
It could have been the last glass of water I drank.

That doesn't mean I'm not happy to have lost those .2 pounds this week. Still hovering right around the 20 lb mark, so I'm happy to have a new plan to dig into and figure out...

Next week, we'll get over that elusive 20 pound mark.
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