August 18th, 2003


Fun, Busy Weekend

For a weekend that started out totally unscheduled, it turned into a big amount of activity--but all fun things.

Friday night, we decided we didn't have to be the first kids on the block to see Gigantic for the second time and had a lovely, lazy evening at home.

Saturday, I ended up at McLendon's in White Center, doing Master Gardener Clinic (my last one for the summer, I'm really kinda sad about that). Putting plant people in the middle of a nursery for 4 hours is like setting a kid free in a candy shop. By the end of the session, I had a little stack of plants--a nice 5 gallon forsythia (for $4.99, how could I pass that up?); a white potato vine that caught my eye last week (it's going to go live with the Don Juan climbing rose--I think next year, it'll be glorious), and 5 half gallon white strawflowers (perennials that had been marked down to a buck, because they're getting a little leggy). Maybe it's a good thing I don't have another clinic down at McLendon's. :) Now, it's time to get busy volunteering with community gardens. I still have about 30 hours of volunteer time to get in by the end of the year.

Saturday afternoon, we went to a housewarming party--that oddly didn't seem to be much of a party. We were expecting a Party, you know--guests, food, showing off the new house, but instead we were the only folks there, some of the house inhabitants went to sleep, and we just kind of hung out--which wasn't bad, but not what we expected.

Saturday evening, we trekked out to Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre to watch trekbear steal the show as the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz. It was a great productions, and trekbear and the little kids were just damned cute. Afterward, being 20 miles out of the city, the stars were amazing.

Sunday morning, slept in, unbothered by fighting neighbors (hooray!). gymgeek was set for a day of gaming, and I went down to Kent to hang out with tarsyddad and make really cool concrete and glass mosiac stepping stones. We got recycled, tumbled glass from Bedrock Industries which provides second use for lots of stuff normally just thrown away as trash. We learned that the statement "Now, sets up even faster!" on the back of quickcrete should have been taken as a warning, and that we're going to mix smaller batches in the future! But it was great fun to sit out in the sunshine, with a good friend, and just visit and do crafty things. And we have more glass, so we'll repeat this one again soon!

Headed home around dinner-time, gymgeek was still gaming, so I headed to BWH for a wonderfully relaxing massage from snorklet. All rubbed out and smelling nicely of lavender, I headed home, and not long after that, to bed.

It was a good weekend.
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