August 12th, 2003



I've been doing Master Gardener clinic, on a regular basis, out at the West Seattle Farmer's Market (Sunday's 10-2, at the Junction). This weekend we got the yummyiest stuff:
--organic farmmade goat cheese, rolled in basil
--fresh peaches, so juicy it's like eating liquid sunshine
--fresh salad mix, with mixed greens, and edible flowers
--blackberries, so big you eat them one at a time
--basil--there's more pesto to be made!
--crostini with rosemary--yummy, cripsy bread.

(I also got bok choy and beets, but not everyone classifies them as yummy as I do!)

I love the Farmer's Market. I just ate my lunchtime salad, and now get to consume the peach.
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