August 6th, 2003


Aaaaah. Vacation.

Vegas is hot. hot. hot. hot. But we're loving it. There's water misters everywhere, and it's a nice shot of cool to walk through them.

Spent yesterday afternoon wandering from Paris to the Venetian, stopping and gambling at nearly every casino in between. Some up, some down. Lots of people watching, some shopping. John bought me the cutest Eyore etching.

Had an early evening, bought a bottle of wine from the wine shop downstairs, and had room service in. How decadent--eating in our skivvies, watching the New Detectives (or Forensic Files or some such), drinking good French wine and eating goat cheese on good french bread.

Slept in this morning, then spent a couple hours poolside, peoplewatching and catching some rays.

Now off to wander more. We're thinking maybe IMax Matrix Reloaded tonight.

And hoping that we have the winning Washington State Lotto ticket in our wallet....
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