August 3rd, 2003


blueberries, sunshine, good friends and flowers.

It doesn't get much better than that for a Sunday afternoon.

(Well, actually, it got even better after I got home, but that's a different story. *wink*)

Bright and early this morning, Bobbi, Maddie and I headed for Snohomish to pick blueberries. I haven't been blueberry picking since I was a kid, but I remembered how. :) I just finished putting 36 cups of clean fresh berries into the freezer. I've been snacking on them all afternoon. I'm glad they're good for me.

After blueberrying, we went to Flower World. We had to, you know, because it was on the way home from Mountain View Farms...well, if you come through Maltby. I was good and spent less than $30 on some new anenomes, cupid's dart; rubeckia, and some fillers for the pots that are looking a little bare.

Met up with Bobbi's husband for a tour of Stock Pot Soups (and scored some sample curry and soups!) and a quick lunch. Then home for a wonderful evening of relaxing and sorting recycling with my honey. I shredded so much tonight that I feel like Fawn Hall.....or maybe an ex-Arthur Andersen employee.

Tomorrow, we have a lazy day planned, and still have to finish making the house presentable for hopeyhopey, who is going to housesit, catsit and plantsit for us.

Life is good. And my back's just a little sunburnt.
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