June 28th, 2003


And then, there was leisure....

We had a pretty heavily scheduled weekend.

John had a massage scheduled Friday night, I planned to plant tomatoes.
Saturday, we were helping a friend move.
Sunday, I have Master Gardeners Clinic, then we're going to visit parents.

Friday evening, Friday and Saturday became totally unplanned.

So, we worked together on the tomato bed (which went a lot faster, John's much stronger than I am, and tall enough to easily manhandle those 2 cubic foot bags of soil), watched the rest of Season 1 Babylon 5, read Harry Potter (we're trying to stay relatively at the same point...) and just relaxed.

And the friends who we were going to help move had to push their move out a week, so we have NO PLANS for this glorious, sunny Saturday. I think we may go play tourist and go to the Space Needle. John hasn't been there since 1997 or so. :)

But right now, another chapter of Order of the Phoenix.

I'm savoring it, bit by bit.
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Lazy, lazy day....

So, we didn't play tourist...and still had a marvelously wonderful lazy (although at times productive) day.

Read Harry Potter for a while, made bagel sandwiches for brunch, watched an episode of Stargate SG1, then decided to run errands. Headed to Barnes & Noble, in search of a blackjack book, ended up with a blackjack book, a Zeldman book for gymgeek, an iPhoto book for me and an Art Book (Guido Argentini's Silvereye that's absolutely gorgeous), then to Target, for new summer clothes for John, and an spiffy suntea jug for home, to Home Depot for more potting soil (24 cubic feet in the last 4 days!), and quickcrete (time to make those garden stepping stones). We also picked up some nifty "original Tiki torches" and citronella oil, and some on sale coreopsis...

Home, and then gymgeek grilled filet mignon for dinner. Excellent. Wrapped in bacon, grilled to rare perfection. Yum. He can grill meat for me any day.
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