June 26th, 2003



I love having things at our house.

Even if I freak a little about the housekeeping, I truly enjoy having friends over and having a good time.

Last night, book club came to our house to discuss Amy and Isabelle by Elizabeth Strout. We also learned that Amy and Isabelle has been a made for TV movie (produced by Oprah Winfrey). It was such a nice night that I set everything up in the backyard, so we sat, nibbled, played with/tormented/feed cheese to the cats, and had a nice evening.

Although, we do need to figure out a way to change that motion sensor after dark light to one that'll stay on without someone waving their arms every 8 minutes.

But it made for a late night, after I finished cleaning up. And now gymgeek is a chapter or two ahead of me in Harry Potter.
Never fear, though, I'll catch up.
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Dirt, glorious dirt.

We've achieved maximum dirt....at least the maximum dirt that the Rav4 can carry at one time. :)

gymgeek and I spent quality time at Home Depot getting twenty cubic feet of dirt for the new tomato bed--my project for tomorrow night.

In other news, Weight Watchers continues with slow, steady progress. Down 1.6 pounds this week, despite good greek food, bbq, and book club, all in one week. I must be doing something right!

Strom Thurmond, Democrat, Dixicrat and Republican, passed away today. Much as I don't agree with his politics, he had a sense of calling to his service.

Okay, time for bed. Tomorrow's Friday! Hooray!