June 19th, 2003



The official 2nd draft of the new Active Voice Employee Policy Guide is offically in for review with our corporate counsel.

Writing policy manuals makes my brain hurt.

Weight Watchers-Day 45 (I think).

I got my gold star! Hooray!

Proof positive that I can do this. Despite two big family dinners out, one where I didn't count points at all, the other where I did, water bloat (yep, I'm sure you needed to know that) and a bad case of parmesean breadstick nibbling last night, I still lost 1.2 pounds.

Over 10 pounds total, so far. Only 11 22 (5 lb/star, not 10!) more stars to go. (It's daunting, but doable!)

I'm sure that going back to the gym is helping too.
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