June 14th, 2003


Congratulations to Peter!

gymgeek's youngest brother, Peter, graduated from the University of Washington today.

We're all very proud of him, and have the sunburns to prove that we sat out in the horseshoe in Husky Stadium for 4+ hours. But, aside from the not-entirely comfortable seating, it was a nice commencement ceremony.

Hearing Sherman Alexie speak as a poet and writer was fun. I've always heard him speaking as an activist before today.

And afterward, a wonderful family dinner at Earth and Ocean at the W Hotel. Wonderful, wonderful food. gymgeek's other brother, Matt, works there as a chef, so it was a treat to eat there. We spent nearly 3 hours over dinner, it was a very very nice evening.

Now, it's time to collapse into bed and join my already-snoring boyfriend.
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