June 3rd, 2003


It's sunny!

And 69 out there, could you guess that I want to go home?
(I know, it's a repeating theme lately)

But it's only another hour and a half or so, and them I'm my own woman with a plan to play in the yard.

Saw two good documentaries last night: Direct Order was about Gulf War Syndrome and the required Anthrax Vaccine. It was a good documentary, if a little heavy handed in the ending, created by Scott Miller, son of Warren Miller of ski movie fame.

The other documentary, Unprecedented was about the 2000 presidential election, focusing on the voter fiasco in Florida. Lots of familiar images for those who watched the election, and thumping condemnation of the election in Florida combined with eerie pictures of Kathleen Harris (which promted much hissing from the audience). That is one scary, ambitious woman.

No more movies for us until Friday at midnight, when we see The Hebrew Hammer, which promises to be fun.
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