May 25th, 2003


Super Sunday!

First of all, Happiest of Birthday Wishes to hiddeneye. I hope the year brings you only good things, fulfilling things and happy things!

Nothing like inviting a bunch of people over to motivate you to clean house. As usual, we waited until almost the last minute--since gymgeek was sick the beginning of the week, I chose to spend my time babying him, rather than doing chores. But lo and behold, we got it done, and unlike usual, weren't still vaccuuming when the first people showed up.

Deborah had offered Ken's gazebo setting-up service, but at 3:30, the sky looked like it would clear up....and it did. Good thing, too, because we had a back yard-full. I like having my house (or in this case, my back yard) full of friends. It's loud, noisy and fun.

And having the house clean at the end of it is just a bonus.

Tomorrow, gymgeek is gaming, so I have most the afternoon to myself to play in the yard. I have plans to be happy and dirty tomorrow.
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