May 16th, 2003


Most Creative Chili!

I won (okay, I tied, but that's not a loss!) the Most Creative Chili trophy for the 12th Annual Active Voice Chili Cookoff.

My black bean/chicken chili was different than most of the red bean/beef chilis there, but I think it was the presentation that really helped.

My friend Celeste brought me a ren-faire-ish outfit--full skirt and petticoat, gauzy, embroidered peasant blouse and lace front cordouroy bodice. Lace up that bodices and it was "hello boobs!".
Not vulgar, of course, but totally in your face. I'm sure pictures will emerge.

Hee. It's the second creative chili win for my group. Last time, the HR team won most creative chili. We served vanilla ice cream, with sprinkles, and hot fudge. You see, two of the three HR team members were pregnant, and if that's what they wanted to call chili, I was not going to argue with them. Our trophy that year had a pickle added to the top of it.

Yay. That helps put a really positive spin on yesterday.

Off for a pedicure.
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Award Winning Savoury Admin Chili

(actually from The Savory Faire Restaurant, Montesano, Washington)

1 lb black beans, rinsed and sorted

2 28 oz cans diced tomatoes
2 4 oz cans diced green chilies
1 med onion, diced

2 C cooked chicken, shredded (I poached chicken breasts in V8, cooled, then shredded)

2 T chili powder
3/4 t red chili pepper flakes
Salt/pepper to taste

Soak beans overnight. Drain, cover with 2-3 inches of water and simmer until tender, 1 1/2 hours.

Add remaining ingredients, simmer another two hours.

Serve with fresh tomato salsa and sour cream (in a tightly laced bodice, if you're looking for more votes).

Meg's Notes: The recipe doesn't call for draining the bean cooking water, or the tomatoes. It makes for a fairly "soupy" chili. If you want a thicker chili, consider draining the beans before adding the tomatoes.

If you want big chunks of chicken, wait until 30 minutes before serving to add the chicken. The longer its in the chili, the threadier the chicken becomes. (after cooking for two days, it was lots and lots of little pieces of chicken).
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