May 15th, 2003


12th Annual Chili Cookoff!

It's Active Voice tradition!
It's the stuff that legends are made of.
It's the day that the entire building reeks of chili.

In my immediate area, there's six crockpots steaming away. By noon, you won't be able to escape the chili smell, unless, like me, you have a cold. :)

But it's fun. Our chili is call "Admin Savoury Chili", it's been simmering, the old-fashioned way, in my kitchen for a couple days. Our receptionist is providing ren-faire-ish outfits for serving. :)

And it's an excuse to have company-provided beer at work! Woo!

Weight Watchers, Day 8

Damn. That was depressing.

I've been good, on plan, and journaling.
I gained .4 pounds.

Oh well, I am not going to be deterred by this.

Talked with the group leader and came up with a battle plan.
1. Don't worry about it.
2. Realize I've been fighting this cold all week.
3. Increase my water intake
4. Decrease the caffeinated beverage intake.
5. Watch the salt.
6. Increase the protein a hair.

It's a lifestyle change, not a week-to-week diet, so I'm not really discouraged, just kind of irritated.
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