May 5th, 2003


Relaxing Weeekend....

We had the best of plans to be total tourists.

Instead, we were laid-back and relaxed.

Drove to Portland Saturday afternoon, found our hotel, and wandered down NW 23rd, looking for food. McMeniman's (the original?) beckoned, and we had a lazy brew and late lunch/early dinner, sitting in a window booth, watching the rain come down.

Saw They Might Be Giants Saturday night, at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland. Great little venue. Great show. Very, very chatty Johns. We may or may not go see them again in Seattle this week.

Sunday morning, we mosied over to hiddeneye's place for a lovely brunch. I got to tour the gardens, which is fun, when you've only heard descriptions of someone's garden space, to see it for real. After that, we headed back to Seattle, narrowly avoiding the 13 mile-2 hour backup on I-5, caused by accidents caused by a vicious little rain squall. We took a scenic back route from Woodlawn to Kalama--places we could probably never find again!

Stopped to see my dad on the way back, and set up his new talking-book player, home by 7:30. Nice, relaxing weekend.
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