April 21st, 2003


Nice, relaxing weekend.

Doors open, most of the weekend, it was nice to have fresh air in the house (even if it did get a little chilly at times).

Worked in the yard, a bit. The ankle hampers some of the down and dirty work, but I did some raking and clean-up and some planning of what's going where next...Watched the cats chase bugs and flying things, which is always amusing.

Worked cooperatively with gymgeek cleaning house. We made good progress, and the recycle bin is almost full.

Saturday afternoon, we visited a friend's almost finished being built house, and dreamed about the garden. (we also dreamed about having that much space in a house, but that's a different story). Then we meet axl; unmisha and lorijo for Bulletproof Monk, which was a fun flick.

tarsyddad and her family dropped by on Sunday. I shared perennial geraniums with her, she brought me nasturium seed! Yay! Nasturiums!

And we cleaned more house, then had a traditional Easter pizza for dinner, watched Buffy and headed to bed.

All in all, a good weekend.
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