April 8th, 2003


I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

I can't believe we did it. We totally emptied the mobile home and two storage sheds, and left it ready for the relator to walk through. All that needs to be done is the carpets cleaned, and the windows washed.

Most of the time, we were just so busy, and it was so chaotic, that we could forget *why* we were doing this. We were just doing it. But on Sunday, when the reality of leaving, and getting the the very end of stuff, some of the stuff we'd postponed making decisions on, it got really emotional. At some point, someone put my mom's battered old three-legged stool--that's been around forever--on the "donate" pile. I just lost it, and had to go out back and sit and cry. I pulled it out of the pile and made sure that someone took it. John rescued my mother's big breadboard.

We just ran out of room, so I didn't get to dig as many plants as I wanted to, but I got one of mom's big peonies, and a bucket full of lilies. I'm seriously thinking we might take a weekend and go back over and dig more plants. I put in a huge lily bed for my mom about 5 years ago, they're ready to be divided (well, this fall, but if I have to move 'em, I can divide 'em, too).

It was just so sad watching Daddy walk through the house and say "doesn't feel much like home now, does it?". He met with the Assisted Living folks yesterday and will be able to move into a freshly painted and carpeted apartment by this weekend. My sister said that he was just absolutely charming and wonderful during his assessment interview. He's keeping it together really well. The assessing nurse commented that a lot of times, with couples that have been married forever, when one person starts having memory issues, they sometimes just get a little lazy, stop paying attention and let their spouse do the answering. Now that Mom isn't here to answer, he's picking up the slack. I'm sure that Mom, in her afterlife, is saying "I told you so!". She really did believe that a lot of the time, he was just being lazy about thinking.

Somehow, it got decided that John and I would coordinate the yard sale. We were talking with his folks, and they're planning on one for the summer already, so we're going to do them together. They live in a great garage sale neighborhood, and have a huge yard. So last night, we drove to Sumner and Puyallup and unloaded all the boxes(probably 30 yard sale and 10 for me, personally) into his folks garage. We'll start bringing home the personal boxes each time we're there, and sort all the yard sale stuff when it gets a little warmer. We washed it all before packing it, so we just have to unpack and price.

I'm so glad we get to just stay home tonight (although we should go to the gym, but that almost qualifies as staying home). And tomorrow, a massage. I have a good friend who's in massage school and needs willing bodies to practice on. If you're in the area, and needing a good massage, let me know, and I'll hook you up. :)
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