April 3rd, 2003


Walla Walla Bound...

Well, off to Walla Walla again, this time to pack the house and move my father back over here.

I think I'm happy that they moved into this place only 7 years ago, there can't be *that* much stuff, can there? (okay, wishful thinking).

It's going to be a long weekend. Hopefully, though, we'll know for certain tomorrow that Dad has an apartment at Valley Retirement West, in Puyallup, so we at least know where we're moving to. :)

John's home sick, finally went to the doctor today, who thinks it might be strep. I sure hope that my sore throat that's gone was the extent of my exposure to it, and that his antibiotics make him feel better real.soon.now. I probably haven't been the most understanding and pampering girlfriend the last couple days, trying to keep myself from giving in to sick, finishing the stuff that needs to be done here at the office and at home, and all.

Anyway, time to hit the road. Snow flurries on the pass. Gotta love spring in the Cascades.
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