March 31st, 2003



I'm worried about my Dad. He's on his own for the first time since he was 21--over 67 years ago. I can't even imagine how it must feel to lose your partner of nearly 68 years.

We looked at assisted living apartments for him yesterday. Fortunately, they weren't as bleak or institutional as I feared, but I worry about him become a recluse, one of those old men who just sit in their room and don't interact with the outside world.

It'd be easy for him to retreat--not having good vision, not having a memory he can trust for current events, not living with a lot of people he knows.

I'm just worried about him. It makes me wish he could come live with us, but I know that he needs more assistance than we can provide, without one of us being home all day. And being in a private home, he'd have even less chance for interaction with other people.

I hope he does okay. So far, he's been stronger than any of us imagined he would be. I hope he keeps it up.
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