March 19th, 2003

Geranium-Half Moon Bay

Playing in the dirt.....

....makes me happy. If I ever win the lotto (I know, gotta buy a ticket first), I'm starting a nursery. Plants, people and dirt. It's a good combination.

Last night, I spent a couple hours in the yard. It's so nice that it's getting light again.

Cleaned out the old stalks from the bishops weed (which has just automagically popped leaves out these week), and pulled weeds (where'd that english ivy come from?) to make it neat and clean. I need to sit down and pull the little grass tufts out of the gravel on the other side of the walk and deal with the moss on the sidewalk (sidewalk/moss/wet weather, just not a good combination, however pretty it may be).

I went a little crazy with the pruners on those stupid shrubs by the back door. If I had my druthers, I'd remove them completely, but since they were part of the landscaping when I moved in, I just hack 'em back to a small size every spring (they actually seem to like it, and grow back to monster shrubs over the winter) to make room for bedding plants.

Found new spaces for some of my acquired garden art (the frogs are leaping down the hill, and the monk is guarding the back door).

Noticed that some of the cheap, tiny daylilies I planted last year are coming back with a vengence. I'm really wanting a couple of these to add to my daylily bed.

I think I finally killed my African daisy, last time I hacked it off. Seeing as it was supposed to be an annual, and lasted for three years, I really shouldn't complain. But, still, it makes me a little sad. Luckily, I have lots of African daisy seed, so I'm just going to reseed the area. tarsyddad gave me a huge division of one last fall, it's bloomed all winter, looks a little scraggly, but I'm going to pinch it back and see what happens. Hopefully, it'll be happy and healthy.

Pondered on the veggie bed a little more. I've decided that I'm going to paint it, a dark mossy green (all of our fencing is a light sagey green), and then use copper flashing over the top edges. In theory, it's supposed to be a slug barrier, but we'll see. In any case, it'll look nice. I hope it's dry enough on Saturday to paint it, because I want to start filling it so I can plant it on Tuesday.

There's actually two projects for Tuesday, installing the soaker hose irrigation system (which probably isn't needed yet, but I want in before I seed) and beginning to plant the bed. There's a trip to home depot in my future. :)

Oh well, suppose I'd better get back to the job that pays the bills for my gardening passion. *sigh*
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