March 13th, 2003


Time Flies.....And Crawls......

In my next life, I'm going to be a rollercoaster. It'll just be simpler.

As we speak, Mom and Dad are on their way back home to Walla Walla. With some in-home assistance, they should be able to live independently and be happy. I'm happy that Mom recovered more than any of the doctor's envisioned that she would, but have to admit I'm a little sad that they're going to be 5 hours away. It was easy to pop in and visit more often when they were only an hour away.

So, keep your fingers crossed that it all works well.

I really need to find some way to re-commit myself to my job. I know that I do a good job, and I think that I take good care of our employees, but there's just a level of challenge here that's missing. But, with the economy the way it is, and the uncertainty the way it is, I'm not much inclined to go out and look elsewhere. I think I have a plan, which is to stay here, finish the Master Gardener Training (one week to go!), and then this summer take the study course and exam for my PHR certification, and hope, at that time, that things are moving up a little, and that there's more opportunities out there. Right now, I think I'd rather stick with my (sometimes really) boring job and 8 years of seniority, rather than be at the bottom of a corporate totem pole.

*sigh* Same stuff, different day. I get over it.

My daffodils are blooming! I'll have pictures soon. Just seeing the happy faces on the hill (I'm talking about the flowers, silly) makes all that shoveling worth while! I can't wait for the tulips.
Last night, I found the box of miniature daylilies I bought at Costco in February, stuck in the utility room and promptly forgot. Must get those babies into some dirt realsoonnow.

Gym tonight, and early to bed. At least that's the plan.

And thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.
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