March 2nd, 2003



I'd stood in line rather calmly, while the women in front of us fussed and primped and tried to get their cleavage stuck up under their chin.

I'd even been fairly calm when I saw him get off the elevator (looking sexy with a cane) and head to the appointed place.

But when my hand touched James Marsters, the capacity for rational thought left my brain.
SQUEEEEEEE! Oh my god. It's James Marsters. And oh my, he's gorgeous, and that laugh??

And then he put his hand over mine for a picture and told me Happy Birthday. I bounced....for a good long time.

We had a fun day. For my birthday, gymgeek bought tickets to Star Trek/Buffy Creation Con over in Bellevue. Included in that were tickets for me to have a "photo-op" and an autograph with James Marsters (if anyone doesn't know who that is, he's Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). It was lots of fun. Lots of character actors from Star Trek, sitting around with lots and lots of pictures, James Leary (Clem) from Buffy, and Andy Hallet (Lorne from Angel) all signing autographs.

And lots of junk to buy.....We were fairly good....Okay, maybe we weren't.....We now have autographed pictures from Anne Ramsey (most famous to us for her role as Jamie's sister on Mad About You"), James Leary (who signed with "Got Kittens?"), Richard Herd (Cpt Sheridan on TJ Hooker and Admiral Owen Paris on Star Trek Voyager) and Glenn Shadix (the voice of the mayor in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and Ottho in Beetlejuice).

I have new pictures of James Masters (shiny, glossy and one of them personally autographed!),and Anthony Stewart Head (it was just too cute to leave there) . John has a new Space Ghost angsty t-shirt. :)

James Marsters was fun to listen to, as well. He's articulate, funny and did everything from a MacBeth soliloquy to singing a few lines from "Rest in Peace". I confess to waiting nearly two hours for his autograph.

What a fun, fangirl day. When the picture comes (the one where he held my hand *swoon*), I'll share it.
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