February 6th, 2003


The patient is recovering quickly.

Batty's home and doing well. He was a little wobbly and depth-perception impaired last night, an after-affect of the anesthetic....it was kind of funny to watch, poor baby. It took a while for the other two to stop hissing at him, I'm guessing he just smelled too much like "the vet".

He was utterly captivated by the pump on the fish tank, but the depth perception made it really difficult for him to judge safe places to sit and watch it. A wobbly kitty on top of the fish tank is not a good idea!

And the silly fishes, they all swarm to him. Good thing he doesn't identify them as food.

I think my poor banana trees might have gotten a little frosty last night. I meant to get out and cover them, but it didn't happen. whoops.

I sure could use a long warm nap.
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