February 5th, 2003



Waiting for the vet to call to tell me my Batty cat is fine. It's silly, but I'm worrying about him. Today, the vet is making sure we don't have any little Batty cats (other than the original) running around the neighborhood. Decided that since he'd be out for that, we might as well have him microchipped, too.

Update: Batty's fine, neutered and chipped and waiting for me to come spring him from the vet. Yay!

This morning, though, I had three unhappy kitties. Since Batty couldn't eat after 10 p.m., no one could. We figured it wouldn't work to take his food away and tell him not to eat anyone else's.

We still have three different kinds of food: Sophia food--basic Friskies Cat Chow; Batty food--Iam's kitten chow (although he eats whatever he wants, mostly Sophia's food) and Sadie food--a mixture of Science Diet Sensitive Skin and Science Diet Sensitive Stomach). Add water bowls, and wet food bowls, and cat feeding is close to a scientific production in our house.

That reminds me, I need to get cat food (Sophia food) on the way home or I may have a mew-tiny on my hands. **giggles**
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