February 3rd, 2003


Not A Good Day.

All weekend, I've tried to ignore the fact that today was going to happen. I was partly successful, and partly not. John kept trying to keep my mind off work.

Today, we had another small layoff. It wasn't really big in numbers, but in emotion, it hit. We just released new product, we've been beefing up our Development and Quality Assurance staff, and we really hoped that the worst of the worst was over.

Welcome to our last quarter. The threat of war supresses the market. The threat of terrorism supresses the market. Companies aren't putting large capital expenditures out there right now, instead they seem to be sitting back and waiting to see what's going to happen. It's a safe, cautious, rational approach.

That doesn't make today's "cost-cutting" any easier. These folks aren't "payroll expenditures", they're our friends and co-workers. They're people with families and car payments and all those things we all have. And they're going out into a sucky economy, with lots of other people who've faced the situation of having their position eliminated.

It sucks. And it really sucks to be the bearer of that news. These are the times I really dislike my job. I'm a caregiver. In my view, the vast majority of what I do as an HR professional is take care of people. I communicate, I explain, I intercede. (I also push a lot of paper).

I'm looking forward to going home, cuddling with my honey and the cats, doing my homework about weeds, and working out some of this sadness.
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