February 1st, 2003


Not so lazy Saturday.....

We slept in, then tuned into the news the rest of the world was watching about the shuttle disaster.

Went to move laundry, and discovered the washer tub had overflowed. What perfect incentive to clean out the laundry room. At least this time, all that got really wet was a pile of towels and sheets, waiting to be washed, and a couple of plastic crates. Much better than last time, when half a dozen cardboard boxes ended up in water. So we went to Home Depot, bought some pretty primroses for the front porch, and some shelves for the laundry room. John assembled the shelves while I finished cleaning up the watery messiness. But it's something we can cross of the list of spring cleaning.....a couple months ahead of schedule!

He's off to game with the group, and I'm supposed to be doing homework. Thrilling chapters on Weeds and Lawns are on the agenda for tonight.

I did go out and take some pictures in the yard. It's amazing how much stuff is already popping up---and it's only the 1st of February.

February 1 Flower Pictures

I still need to go through the pictures from last year and do my iPhoto iBook for the year. My friend Bobbi did a couple as christmas presents, and I'm really impressed with the quality....

oh well, time for a cheap chinese food run, stock up on Diet Coke and get to that reading....
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