January 27th, 2003


Cheese, glorious cheese.

Our weekend could have been a commercial for the Cheese Council.

Saturday night, we sampled the cheese counter at Larry's. John picked up a wedge of extra-aged gouda, and a couple samples from the "try just a little" basket on the counter. A sage Derby, and something french, that was pretty tasteless.

Sunday, I started with bleu cheese on my steak salad at lunchtime, then we went to John's folks for a Super Bowl Cheese fiesta! Cheese Balls! Cheddar! Pepper Jack! Other stuff! It was good. Who needs dinner when you have cheese and crackers?

Today, I'm off the cheese, except for simple sharp cheddar on my black forest ham sandwich.
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And Homework.

Homework! (which of course, I've put off until the last day before class).

Engaging reading material:
    Pesticides: Learning about Labels.
    Pesticides: Safe Handling
    Understanding Pesticides

We've already had a couple people quit the Master Gardener's class because they thought it wasn't "organic" enough. While the recommendations are to always try non-chemical solutions first, it seems to be the theory of the WSU program (that sponsors the Master Gardener's training) that it's better to know how and when to correctly use pesticides than to ignore the issue altogether.

Damn. The class on pruning isn't until March 4. As warm as it's been, I think I need to do some pruning before then.