December 27th, 2002


The blustery, very good day.....

It's windy! And that's an understatement.

The news channel is tracking "The Weather Event: Windstorm 2002". You do know it's a slow news day though when they're taking called from "Helen in Yelm, who has a tree down in her yard"....

But it's wonderful watching the clouds race, and the trees dance (as long as the pine tree next door stays upright!), and seeing the whitecaps on Green lake....

And now, after having brunch at iHop, and running a couple errands, gymgeek is working on cleaning the fishtank, and I'm doing other miscellaneous household things, including a Flylady 27 Fling Boogie

Side note: It's fun to listen to John try to catch all the guppies. There's lots of them, in many different sizes. If anyone lives close and is hankering for a new pet, a fancy guppy or three can be yours for the asking...They've been living without a heater, so they're fairly hardy stock.

Okay, off to be busy and productive.

It's hockey, martinis and muk tonight! Whooo!