December 24th, 2002


Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas!!!

It's a lazy day so far. We got back to Seattle about 8 p.m., after a very bumpy crossing through the Strait of Juan de Fuca. I loved it, but gymgeek was a little queasy. Picked up the stuff we needed, grabbed stuff from Peter's house, picked up Ken, and headed to Puyallup, with the Rav4 packed to the gills.

Got here and everyone was waiting to do Christmas presents (since gymgeek's mom had to be at work early on Christmas Day (gotta love nursing!). Much merriment and present giving commenced.

I went to sleep on the couch, listening to the boys laugh at Jackass, and decided it was time for bed around midnight.

Today, we're going to go visit my folks, then have dinner with gymgeek's family over at his Grandma's.
And home tonight, to sleep in our own bed for the first time in almost a week!
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