December 21st, 2002


Lazy Day....

Whee! Another totally lazy day.

We slept in, got up late, and watched gymgeek's folks drive off the ferry from our hotel room deck. Met up with them, got everyone checked in (there was some confusion with their check-in, and they ended up in a not-as-great-as-ours room, even though they'd reserved a suite...luckily the hotel dealt with it and they now have a nicer-than-ours suite with an incredible view), and we headed for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went shopping (you know, at the crack of noon!), wandered down Government street, realized the stores were crazy with almost-last-minute christmas shoppers, went to Munro's Books, and Murchie's Tea and Eaton Center (Olive linen keds for $9.99 CAD, how could I resist!).

Had dinner with the family (gymgeek's mom and dad, and uncle and his partner are all here---his brother arrives tomorrow!) at a yummy Greek restaurant. Meandered home, and here we are, at 8:30 on a Saturday night, nicely toasty and ready to go veg for the evening.

I like vacations like this. Tomorrow, we're going to do touristy things: The Undersea Museum, The Wax Museum, The Crystal Gardens (although I'm not sure John knows about that one yet!). It should be a fun day. I see souvenirs in our future!

Off to see what Canadian TV has to offer on a Saturday night!

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